Books, Glorious Books

I simply adore bookcases, I believe that they offer a real glimpse into a persons soul. Why do they have the books they have? Did they purchase them? Were they a gift? Maybe a relic of their childhood?

My loungeroom bookcase sits along an entire wall, with built in shelving. My books are a combination or bought and relics. I don’t tend to get books as gifts, as my tastes are very eclectic. My books are grouped according to colour, which makes me happy even before I begin to read.

Do I keep all of the books I have read? No. Some books I fall instantly in love with, and I know I could never bear to part with them. Those are keepers, those dear friends that I will revisit again and again. Others, ones I haven’t quite clicked with, find new homes at thrift stores or in friends homes.

How do you store your books? Do you keep each one, or only a few?


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