The Week Ahead

I am trying very hard to stay focused right now, not only for the sake of my work in progress, but also for the larger picture. My kids need to see me maintaining a normal routine, especially with all the current events unfolding.

I reside in the Northern Territory, and as of Tuesday, the borders will be closed. I worry that it will be too late. My foster son has family in a remote indigenous community, if Covid-19 reaches them, I worry that he will be robbed of the chance of knowing them later in life. I worry for my 88 year old Grandma in Brisbane, who has self isolated and cancelled all of her home help.

I worry about my uncle in Tasmania who is currently going through a divorce, and has lost his business as a direct result of Covid-19. His mental health is fragile, and while I have asked him to come to us, that would mean leaving his animals and his friends, and the uncertainty of being able to return. I worry for my dear friend on the Gold Coast, whose husband has heart issues. I worry for my friend here, whose family is interstate.

There is one flight a day now, from my home to Sydney, Adelaide or Melbourne. If we needed to get to Brisbane in a hurry, we couldn’t. Our two supermarkets are pretty bare. We are used to delayed supplies, with only one road in or out, it often gets cut by floodwater or rail tracks that buckle in the heat. This has turned out to be a blessing, we already know how to stockpile. In fact, I have been doing it for years, making sure that we have extra supplies to see us through.

I worry for my foster toddler, who has heart issues and is delayed by about twelve months in all areas. I worry for my teen, who suffers with anxiety, as well as a host of other medical issues. We are lucky though. My eldest is gifted, and studies year 11 and 12 via Skype from home, so school will not be missed. We already self-isolate by choice, to help my son’s anxiety. Our hobbies are home based, and also practical. We sew, knit, bake, DIY (repair the house) and garden.

I know we will be okay, it is everyone else I worry about.

There are so many ways to lend a hand right now, to be kind to others, even if you don’t know them.

  1. Talk to people, make sure they are okay.
  2. Start a text tree among your circle, send a funny picture once a day.
  3. Start a local how to group on Facebook, where everyone can contribute ideas, like how to knit a square, make a birdhouse, or a recipe for lip balm.
  4. Trade among your friends. Does someone have extra tomatoes? Do they need one of your homemade cakes?
  5. Listen to people.
  6. Think about what you buy. Do you actually need that bag of pasta? Can you live without it? That pensioner may not be able to, pass it along.
  7. Do you know a teacher, doctor, or someone else who works crazy long hours? Offer to go shopping for them.
  8. Make all your social media posts matter. Make them positive or helpful.

As for me, this week I hope to finish this list:


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