Pens + Paper

What are your foibles when it comes to using pens and paper?

I adore Pilot Varsity pens (disposable fountain pens) in blue or pink ink for my personal journals and letters; and a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point marker pen in black ink for my everyday writing of shopping and to do lists.

I prefer hardcover journals and notebooks; lined over unlined; with a spiral binding for ease of writing flat. I need the paper to be thick, I hate bleed through!

I will look for pens and journals everywhere I go, always on the hunt for the perfect pair, feeling such a sense of accomplishment when I find them.

What are your tools of choice?


  1. mama_shively says:

    I love gel pens! (the kind that has the grip thing where the fingers take hold) I like blue better than black. Being a grandmother, I like the “normal” ink colors. I find that gel pens write a little heavier than regular pens, I like that. I’m still debating tho, paper journaling, or online journals. So right now, I do both.

    My paper journals are on regular lined paper I keep in a 2-inch, 3-ring binder. I keep thinking, I’ll “write a book” of myself, and leave it for my kids and gr-kids. I have 65 years of personal history to write on, if I do!

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