Traditional VS Self Publishing

I have spent the better part of the last month internally debating the merits of self-publishing, most likely on Kindle, versus traditional publishing.

I know my manuscript is good enough to be published, I also know that eBooks have a massive share of the publishing market, and bring in just as much, if not more, revenue as traditionally published books.

There is no longer any stigma associated with self-publishing, in fact it is a legitimate option, and most traditionally published books are also available in eBook format. I own many of my favourite books on my Kindle instead of as hard copies.

Why then the hesitation? I am not completely sure.

Maybe it is because once I hit “publish” there is no going back. If it doesn’t sell, if people don’t enjoy it, I will know instantly, and just as quickly my soul will be crushed. At the heart of my certainty in the value of my work, is a soul crushing self doubt which is hard to quell.

I am no closer to a decision of where to publish my manuscript as I was last month, but I have completed a few SEO and self-publishing courses, so at least I know what is required from a technical viewpoint, should I take the leap.

Any advice or suggestions?

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