100 Things I Want To Experience

I adore lists, writing them and reading them, and thought that I would take a stab at coming up with 100 things that I want to experience before I die, not in any particular order.

It was actually harder than I thought, I am not that adventurous.

  1. Be the girl of someone’s dreams.
  2. Have all of my books published.
  3. Experience what it feels like to have someone hold my hand.
  4. Experience my first kiss.
  5. Experience my first date.
  6. Have my first boyfriend.
  7. Own my own home outright, no mortgage.
  8. Attend my first dance.
  9. Be loved for my personality.
  10. Experience a Valentine’s Day as a couple.
  11. Be invited to a party.
  12. Have someone write and sing a song about me.
  13. Learn how to flirt.
  14. Give people a reason to remember my name.
  15. Find someone who will treat me right.
  16. Do 24 random acts of kindness in a single day.
  17. Own a custom made ballgown.
  18. Go back to London.
  19. Replace my entire wardrobe with clothes I actually like.
  20. Travel first class.
  21. Visit a trampoline park.
  22. Fill up a journal anonymously and then place it in a library for others to read.
  23. Go on a rollercoaster with my son without passing out.
  24. Get married.
  25. Watch my son get married.
  26. Live to meet my grandchildren.
  27. Participate in a colour run.
  28. Own my own business again.
  29. Build my own Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.
  30. Go back to Disneyland Paris.
  31. Go to Canada.
  32. Have a white Christmas.
  33. Go skinny dipping.
  34. Make up my own language.
  35. Own green tinted contact lenses.
  36. Go to Newfoundland.
  37. Own a decent mattress to sleep on.
  38. Go to a tropical rainforest.
  39. Get in a taxi and yell “follow that car”.
  40. Fill my garden with twinkling fairy lights.
  41. See the Northern Lights.
  42. See the Southern Lights.
  43. Own a beach house.
  44. Swim under the stars.
  45. See Heaven’s Trail in Ireland.
  46. Stay in a lighthouse.
  47. Love myself as much as I deserve to be loved.
  48. Ride in a limo.
  49. Live on a proper working farm.
  50. Be in a professional photoshoot.
  51. Own a tiny house.
  52. Go strawberry picking.
  53. Say “yes” to everything for a day.
  54. Have a four poster bed dripping with fairy lights and ivy.
  55. Go to Murano, Italy.
  56. Dance in the rain.
  57. Get my licence.
  58. Make game night a fortnightly event in my house.
  59. Be the person I always said I would be.
  60. Leave a note in a library book.
  61. Go whale watching.
  62. Take a road trip.
  63. Die with no regrets.
  64. Own a real human hair wig.
  65. Ride a gondola in Venice.
  66. Swing with the jellyfish in Thailand.
  67. Learn to play the piano.
  68. Have a piñata.
  69. Have a library in my house.
  70. Experience a baby shower, for myself or someone else.
  71. Buy white sneakers and doodle on them.
  72. Host a dinner party.
  73. Have a hidden room behind a bookcase in my house.
  74. Write on Juliet’s wall in Verona, Italy.
  75. Pay for a stranger’s groceries.
  76. Have a snowball fight.
  77. Learn how to play the guitar.
  78. Adopt a child.
  79. Take a photo every day for a year.
  80. Make a snow angel.
  81. Tour a chocolate factory.
  82. Visit a pink sand beach.
  83. Go to Alaska.
  84. See real snow.
  85. Buy and swim in a false mermaid tail.
  86. Stargaze on a roof.
  87. Run a marathon.
  88. Reach my goal weight.
  89. Spend the night in an aquarium.
  90. Scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef.
  91. Stay on a private island.
  92. Write something in wet cement.
  93. Live in my dream house.
  94. Learn how to surf.
  95. Realise that not everything I think about myself is true.
  96. Have an off the grid house.
  97. Own a gypsy caravan.
  98. Finish all of my quilting projects.
  99. Have a specific games room in my house.
  100. Get another tattoo.

What would your list contain?


  1. JL Peridot says:

    This is a lovely list, Kathleen ❤️

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