Endlessly Delicious

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.

-Ruth Reichl

Taste is something that can be hard to convey in a book, for the simple reason that it means something different to all of us.

Taste is more than what your taste buds experience, it is texture and smell and sight. Taste encompasses all of the senses. You wouldn’t eat something that looked like a rotten fish would you, even if it smelt like chocolate.

Senses tend to overlap when food is involved, such as: the sharp tang of the lemon. We know a lemon is not sharp in the sense that it would cut you and make you bleed, but using the word sharp conjures up something that is quick and painful, recognisable to those who may not have had lemon before.

Does caramel ooze out like molten lava?

Do the champagne bubbles dance and twirl on your tongue?

Is that grilled cheese sandwich really as warm and as comforting as being wrapped up in your grandmother’s patchwork quilt?

Personally, I love to read food scenes, I like to see the various ways in which food is described and portrayed in novels.

Does food ever feature in your novels? How do you convey the taste of something?

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