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You may remember from earlier posts that I have been looking for a cover for one of my manuscripts. After looking for months for the right fit, I was lucky enough to finally find Cover Culture!

Thank goodness that I refused to settle, that I held out for my ‘perfect’ cover, because let me tell you, I have found it!

I can’t begin to tell you just how perfectly Cover Culture has captured my vision. I am so grateful for all the work that Kylie has put in to this for me.

So, why choose Cover Culture? You can choose from Pre-Made or Custom covers. You get unlimited changes to custom designs, unlimited stock photos, vectors and fonts (commercially licensed), exclusive cover artwork options, cover designs for all genres, a fast turn around on designs and emails, and an experienced writer and designer.

Honestly, what more could you want?

The prices are insanely reasonable, my custom cover was only AUD$300. Seriously, have a look at what you can get in the various book cover design Facebook groups, and compare that with the quality of Cover Culture, and it is a no brainer.

At the moment Cover Culture is offering a 50-67% off sale, and if you join their Facebook group you can take off a further 10%.

To visit the Cover Culture website and look at their amazing covers currently on sale, follow THIS LINK.

*This is not an affiliated post, I have not been given any payments, products or discounts. This is my honest opinion. All covers in the photo are the copyright of Cover Culture*

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